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Dr. Lenora Nyeste, Principal

Proud to be selected to perform at the
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One of our keys to success is the ability to hire professionals to record and perform at our concerts, pay for opportunities and services for our students, and provide for students who need financial assistance. 

In order to provide consistent musical instruction, we depend on fundraising money or donations. Thank you in advance for your support!

2018 Encore Cheesecake Information

Turn-In Dates:

Tuesday, September 11 - 8th Grade
Tuesday, September 18 - 7th Grade
Tuesday, October 2 - 6th Grade

Delivery Day is Thursday, November 8

Cheesecake Pickup Instructions for Delivery Day


VOLUNTEER TO HELP ON DELIVERY DAY by filling out our online form.

Please read the following letters about our fundraising efforts:

6th and 7th Grade Letter

8th Grade Letter

How to turn in your order:

1. Using the orders on your Customer Order Form, fill out the Complete and Final Order Form.  Parents must sign the first blank to verify that your order is correct. DO NOT sign the second blank yet.

2. Turn in your Complete and Final Order Form with ONE form of payment (Cash OR one check made payable to "LMMS")

Note: We will order what is printed on the Complete and Final Order Form. We will NOT look at the Customer Order Form. You are responsible for making sure that order is correct. Any orders with than one form of payment will not be accepted.

Although our sales don't always reach 100% of our goals, please know that our appreciation of your participation and donations is unlimited. Thank you, parents and students for making our goals and acheivements possible!

Poinsettia Information

New info for 2018 coming soon.

Poinsettia Letter

Poinsettia Customer Order Form

Poinsettia Complete and Final Order Form

View Pictures Here


Q: Why fund raise?

A: Trust us, if we had a choice, we wouldn't. Teachers do not get paid more, nor is it in our job description. However, in order to deliver the music education that our students deserve, we must have additional funds available to pay for equipment, music, and services we would otherwise not be able to buy. We are given an allotment by our schools, but we are limited as to how we can spend that. For example, we cannot pay people for services (i.e., accompanists, outside instructors). We depend on fund raising money to help provide for students and families that need assistance obtaining the required items like our polo shirt and theory workbook, not to mention payment for field trips. We do it because we feel it is necessary in order to run a quality music program and provide great experiences for our students. At least we can offer quality products that are practical and will get used effectively.

Q: How is the money allocated?

A: We use sixth and seventh grade profits to pay for the entire chorus program; so it is critical that sixth and seventh graders participate in our fund raisers. Eighth graders who go on the Disney Trip (which are most of them) are allowed to use 100% of the profits to defer the cost of their trip. So, I take money from 6th and 7th and spend it on 6th, 7th, AND 8TH! When a student makes it to 8th grade, I set their money aside, take 6th and 7th grade money and spend it on them.

Since so much depends on the participation of 7th grade sales, we are requiring that our 7th graders in band, chorus and orchestra sell 70% of their goal in order to be eligible for 100% of the profits to go toward the cost of the Disney Trip as 8th graders. If we don't meet 70% of the goal, 8th grade profits will be adjusted so some profits will benefit the music department and the rest can be allocated toward the cost of the trip.

Q: What if I don't want to participate? Is there something else I can do to support the LMMS Choral Department?

A: We do not require students to participate. Some parents have reservations about fundriaising or do not have ample opportunities to do so effectively. In the past, parents have inquired about simply making a donation in leiu of fund raising. We are certainly grateful for such a thoughtful consideration. In leiu of selling ten items, we ask for a $70 donation to our department.

Q: What if I'm a doubler (in Band and Chorus, or Orchestra and Chorus)?

A: Your total profit will be divided equally to benefit both programs. Only half of your items sold will count toward your total class goal in each class. You will still recieve all the rewards for selling 10, 20, etc. You will even be entered to win $100 twice!

Q: Do I have to sell more if I'm in Boys/Girls/Chamber Chorus?

A: Offiicially, no. Unofficially, it would help a lot! If you wouldn't mind selling 15 instead of 10, that would make up for the extra money we spend on those ensembles.

Q: Who should my customers make checks payable to?

Your customers should make checks out to your parents. Parents should turn in one check or money order made payable to "LMMS". You may also turn in one lump sum of cash, but please don't send your child to school with a large amount of cash! We ask that you bring it in yourself.

Q: Why do I have to ask my customers to make checks out to my parents?

Our bookkeeper must make a deposit for every check recieved. If all the 6th, 7th and 8th graders in Band, Chorus, and Orchestra (that participate in the fundraiser) turn in one check, that will require around 1,000 deposits. As it is, this takes over a week to do. If there were 10, 20, or 30 checks per student, this would take the rest of the school year to complete!

Q: Why do 6th, 7th and 8th graders have different turn-in dates?

Our bookkeeper must deposit every check within a certain time period of recieving it. By staggering the turn-in dates, we allow time to do that.

Q: What do I have to do to be eligible to win the $100 drawing?

Three things: 1. Sell 10 items (even if your a doubler). 2. Turn in your order form correctly and on time according to your designated turn-in date. 3. Pick up your order on Delivery Day.

Q: How do I turn in my order?

We collect three things on turn-in day: 1. The sales catalog. 2. The FINAL ORDER FORM. and 3. Payment in a single form (i.e., check, cash, money order etc.) The parent/guardian is responsible for transferring the total order from the catalog(s) to the colored FINAL ORDER FORM. We will NOT look at the catalog with individual orders on it, so please make sure you transferred your order correctly. We will only order and distribute items according to the FINAL ORDER FORM, not your catalog. Once the parent has transferred the final and complete order from the catalog to the FINAL ORDER FORM, they must sign ***the first blank*** on the order form to verify that their order is correct. The bottom blank should not be signed until the order is picked up and filled correctly on Delivery Day.  Payment must match the amount on the FINAL ORDER FORM. Please double check your math before writing a check or turning in money. On Delivery Day, we will return your catalog to you and ask you to sign your FINAL ORDER FORM.

Q: What is the "8th grade discount"?

A: This only pertains to 8th graders that are going on the Disney Trip, but it pertains to the 8th grade every year, so 6th and 7th graders can read on. For 8th graders, there is an extra benefit to participating in the Encore Fundraiser. You get to buy the items at a discount in a round-a-bout sort of way.

When you sell an item, 40% of the cost of that item goes toward your cost of the Disney Trip, thus reducing the cost of the trip. If a parent buys an item for their student, 40% of that money will be given back to the parent; not directly, but in the form of a deferred cost of the trip. That 40% is money that the parent would have to pay toward the cost of the trip anyway.

So, when a parent of a student who is going on the Disney Trip buys an item, they are buying it for a 40% discount! Encore still gets paid for the item, but you get that money "back" when it's time to pay for the trip. Not bad, huh? So even though it makes no difference to me or you in terms of fundraising or trip cost, you have the opportunity to buy lots of nice foods for yourself or as gifts for your friends and family. Here's the breakdown:

You can buy a $24 item for $14.40.
You can buy a $22 item for $13.20.
You can buy a $18 item for $10.80.
You can buy a $17 item for $10.20.
You can buy a $16 item for $9.60.
You can buy a $15 item for $9.00.
You can buy a $14 item for $8.40.
You can buy a $13 item for $7.80.

Q: How much can I raise to help pay for the Disney Trip?

A:  100% of the profits from both the Encore Cheesecake and the Poinsettia fundraisers will go toward that students' individual trip account. The profit margin for the Encore fundraiser is 40% and the profit margin for the poinsettia fundraiser is $4.50 a flower. For example, if Albert sells 15 items totaling $210, Albert will receive 40% of that, or $84.

Realistic goals - The cost of the Disney Trip is unknown at this time, but we can estimate it at around $650. The initial deposit for the Disney trip cannot come from fundraising money, so a student could raise money to pay for the rest. The average profit per item for the Encore fundraiser is $7. This would obviously be higher if a student mostly sold the more expensive items. If a student sold 45 items, they would make $315 profit. At $4.50 a poinsettia, a student would have to sell 41 poinsettias to make $185. Other combinations would be 40 items and 50 flowers, or 30 items and 65 flowers. Obviously, the majority of the students will not raise this much money, but in the past around 10% of the students have done so. It can be done! If you fundraise more than the remainder of the trip, we can reimburse you for some or all of your initial deposit.

In the event that a student raises more than the cost of the trip, the fundraising money can go toward other costs incurred in choral activities (i.e., field trips, etc.), but we are obviously not allowed to give that student the remaining cash balance. If the extra money is not spent by the end of the year, the money will go to the choral department.