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Proud to be selected to perform at the
2010 GMEA Statewide In-Service in Savannah, Georgia
and 2012 Inaugural Georgia State University
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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All contact and business between students, their parents, and the organizations listed here is the result of actions taken by those parties. Cobb County School District, Lost Mountain Middle School and it's employees are not responsible or associated with any business conducted between these parties.  If you are a representative of an organization, and would like your information posted, please contact Mr. Champion.

Opportunities from LMMS

GMEA All-State Chorus

  • All-State Chorus is an exhilarating and fun, three-day event held at the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia. It includes groups of the best singers in the state of Georgia singing with some of the best choral directors from around the United States. Membership is determined by audition. Preparation for these auditions will happen during the class day. So much is learned; friendships are formed; independence and self-confidence grow; beautiful music is made. It truly is an amazing experience!!

  • The GMEA Middle School All-State Chorus Auditions will take place on Saturday, November 15, 2014 at The Woodland School in Cartersville, GA. It is available for 7th and 8th graders only. It will most likely take place from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. Students may be scheduled at any time during that day, but need not stay the entire time. Students need to go through several rooms for different parts of the audition, so auditions may take an hour or longer. Students will undergo an audition that requires each student to sing scales and a solo, take written and aural tests, and evaluate their sight-reading and tonal memory skills. If the student scores well enough, they will be named a part of the chorus, and must learn all the music to be performed by the chorus.

  • A special “audition” to check the student’s progress will be held on Friday, January 23, 2015 at Hillgrove High School. The student and at least one parent will attend a three-day convention in Athens, GA from March 5-7, 2015. In the event that we have several students from Lost Mountain make the choir, one or two parents may act as chaperones for the entire group. All monetary costs to attend will be the responsibility of the student and their family.

  • 2014-15 Hotel information can be found here. It is best to make your reservation as soon as possible, even before auditions are held. If a student fails the audition, a reservation can always be cancelled before the event.

  • If a student is accepted into the all-state chorus, then students and parents must adhere to these Rules and Regulations. The All-State Concert will be recorded on DVD; parents must grant permission for their child to be videotaped. There is a $20 fee to audition. All payments must be turned in by Friday, September 5. No late payments will be accepted. If accepted, there is an additional $25 acceptance fee; this includes music for the student. Please include payment for all activities in a school payment envelope. Students are reminded to write the name of the homeroom teacher on the envelope. Write the enclosed dollar amount on the line labeled “Other”. On the blank, write “All-State Chorus”.
    Due to time lines we must meet, late payments will not be accepted.

  • Look over First Audition At-A-Glance.

  • Students must take a written test and correctly identify these terms and symbols. As part of the written test, students must listen to musical examples and answer questions based on what they hear.

  • Students must sing three sight-reading exercises in their audition. You can practice with these examples from previous years: Soprano - Alto - Tenor - Bass. This is the Sight-Reading Score Sheet.

  • All students must sing "All Through The Night" as their solo. You can download the sheet music (.pdf), and mp3 files. The "learning" track has the piano and voice part. The "accompaniment" track is only the piano. Students must sing with the accompaniment track in their audition. This is the Solo Rubric and the Solo and Scales Score Sheet.

GMEA District 12 Middle School Honor Chorus

  • Honor Chorus is a great opportunity for our 7th and 8th grade students this year.  This is a non-auditioned event that focuses on celebrating students’ work ethic, leadership, musical ability, and love of music.  This chorus will be made up of about 180 Cobb County middle school chorus students.  Each Cobb County Middle school has the opportunity to send a certain number of students to represent their program. The cost is $35, however, students should not pay this fee until they have officially been selected. If selected, students must learn and practice their music mostly on their own. We will have a few rehearsals before school and during class to help them along. The conductor will be Dr. Kenney Potter from Wingate University. Dr. Potter has conducted many honor choirs and All-State choirs. He directed the GMEA Middle School Mixed Choir last year.

    Student’s Responsibilities Include:

    • Times and Dates (see below)

    • Code of conduct

    • Learn music

    • Rehearsal etiquette and expectations

    • ALL Cobb County Behavior policies will be upheld

    • Uniform is full-length black pants (not leggings, jeggings, or capris) and honor chorus t-shirt (Students will receive their shirt at the event)

    • Bring snack

    • What to bring: Music labeled with student’s name, pencil, water bottle-no other beverages allowed

    • No gum

    • Respect the facility

    • Timeliness- be on time


  • Wednesday, September 3 - Due date for Lost Mountain students to apply by submitting a response to the Honor Chorus "assignment" on Edmodo and explaining why we should choose them to represent Lost Mountain.

  • Friday, September 12 - Students will be notified of acceptance.

  • Tuesday, September 23 - $35 fee is due.

  • Wednesday, October 22 - Final "audition". This is a check to make sure each students knows ALL the music.

  • Monday, November 17 (6:00-8:00)-Evening Rehearsal-Lassiter Performance Hall

  • Tuesday, November 18 (9:00-5:00)-Rehearsal- Lassiter Performance Hall (students will need to miss school)
    (7:00-8:00)-Performance-Lassiter Performance Hall

GMEA Sixth Grade Statewide Honor Chorus

  • Ask Mr. Champion about it.

Community Choirs

Atlanta Young Singers

  • Established in 1975.

  • Choirs for grades 2 through 12

  • Preparatory Choirs: Introduction to Music Making Choir - Grades 2-3; Training Choir - Grades 4-6

  • Performance Choirs: Treble Concert Choir - Grades 6-9: Youth Chorale - Young Men’s Choir & Young Women’s Choir - Grades 9-12

  • Paige Mathis, Director

Georgia Regional Girl's Choir

The Atlanta Boy Choir

  • One of Georgia's oldest, most famous and and most established ensembles. This choir has appeared many times with Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Conductors Robert Shaw and Yoel Levi and under the direction of founder, Fletcher Wolfe, won a Grammy Award for the recording of Benjamin Brittens War Requiem.

  • Fletcher Wolfe, Founder and Director; Dr. Lawrence Weaver, Assistant Director and Accompanist

  • www.atlantaboychoir.org

The Georgia Boy Choir

  • Established in 2009, the Georgia Boy Choir is comprised of a five-tiered system of music education: the Apprentice Choir, the Training Choir, the Intermediate Choir, the Concert Choir, and the Young Men's Ensemble

  • David R. White, Founder and Director

  • www.georgiaboychoir.org

Spivey Hall Children's Choir Program

  • Founded in 1994. The program consists of three choirs and draws from 17 metro-Atlanta counties. Membership and placement in the choirs is by audition, based on artistic merit and teacher recommendations, with need-based financial assistance available.

  • Craig Hurley, Director of Young Singers, Music Specialist at Ford Elementary, Cobb County.

  • www.spiveyhallchildrenschoir.org

  • 2014-15 Audition information

Georgia Youth Choir

  • 4th - 12th grade

  • Sings for the Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker performances at the Fox

  • Alyssa Gangarosa, Director

  • Flyer


Summer Singing Opportunities

Encore! Choir Camp

Spivey Hall Summer Camp